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Hi, My name is Mark Gardner Jr.


I’m an Owner/Electrician of YourElectric in St. Louis, Missouri. I like to meet people out at the job sites

and create relationships with customers beyond the job.


Facts About Me


:I’m a licensed electrician throughout the metro St. Louis area.


:My experience goes as far back as 1991. I guarantee no other electrician my age can say that!


:Aside from electrical, I’m a soccer referee and father of 4.


:Since “What high school did you go to?” is a traditional St. Louis question, I will answer it now.

DeSmet. If you are a transplant, you probably didn’t get the joke. I apologize for wasting your time.


:I have been told I look like Hugh Grant on many occasions. I don’t see it.


Hi, my name is Andi Gardner


I’m an Owner/Business manager of YourElectric in St. Louis, Missouri. I look forward to assisting our

customers throughout the project. Basically, I want Mark to concentrate on your project and not all the



Facts About Me


:Graduate of Southeast Missouri State University. (That’s where I met Mark)


:Worked at MetLife as a Supervisor/Senior Business Consultant.


: I am a mother of triplets so I can handle anything.


:I like a summer night at a Cardinal game with a Hot dog, Nachos, and a cold Beer.


:The previous point was a hint for my husband.